My room, my freedom

I would make a significant announcement to my own. Most often after returning from school or in the evening. “Do not disturb if you do not have to” was the words I never said, but they were floating in the air. “Capture the books” were mom’s always spoken words. But I must admit, I respected that little invitation to privacy.


Contrasts In The Evening $96.00

Kirche In Cassone $120.00



 I could construct a “remote control”

Draw to a mile of will, without anyone looking and judging. And dance “happy dance” when I finish the latest “masterpiece”. The long corridor between me and the family gave me enough time to squeeze the music, throw myself to bed and “catch” that book if someone came in. Like, nothing is happening.


Winter Landscape $98.00



The same feeling is following me today.

It’s a terrible place for me to create. It would be great to have your studio, but who else can afford it? And what now? For weeks I moved around the apartment looking for my corner. And here’s what I learned.
First of all, a lot of light and air. Scandal under bad light kills you and the picture. Paints, especially oils, coatings and varnishes have an intense odor that can be uncomfortable in a cramped space. Be sure to find a place near the window. Painting is a dirty job. Take it easy.


Dune Landscape $56.00


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